I  have been  producing my  “Business Leaders Spotlight” and airing it on my local FOX station for 6 years now.

I pay for the production and airing of the spots, so I control the narrative, how you are introduced, and the  questions that you are asked.

I offer 1/2 show interviews, or for the BIG thinker, Full Feature shows.

A show is 30 minutes long. (technically it is 28:30 as we have to allow for the intro and exit)

Even though it only aired locally, I have had folks from all over the country fly in (pre covid) to tape and have even had quite a few international folks fly in as well (pre covid) Romania, Australia, and the UK, to name a few.

The reason they have done it is my concept of “boiled water being boiled water”, meaning FOX TV is FOX TV, ABC is ABC, CBS is CBS, your clients do not know if it was FOX New York, the # 1 station in the country or FOX LA, the number 2 market, they just know you were on FOX TV.

This is ideally PERFECT for someone that has always wanted to be featured on television, but have never had the opportunity, and you want to LEVERAGE that appearance to get more business, use in your marketing, and on social media.

You can fly into Fort Myers, Florida, for the taping, or do it remotely, and save on travel cost.

I also have nationally syndicated television opportunities available, if that interests you as well.

Sample Video Interviews With Chris Cebollero, taped the same day and aired on different days.

The narrative we wanted in the first interview to cover was his books success as debuting on the best seller list of Amazon when it debuted, and Chris being a best-selling author

On the second interview we wanted to highlight Chris’s Leadership and Business

Remote Interview with Ron Coury

As you can see, our remote interview production values are on point for remote interviews.

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