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Elevate your Business, Book, or Leadership With A Guaranteed Feature Interview On My Business TV Show!

Experience the Power of Television

Unlock unparalleled visibility and credibility with a guaranteed appearance on “Business Leaders Spotlight,” the acclaimed business television program airing on FOX 4.

In our 7th year,  we also have expanded our broadcast syndication boot print to an affiliate station of NBC and CW, so your show can be seen on FOX, NBC and CW….3 major television networks. 

Why Choose Us?

– In ‘Business Leaders Spotlight with TC Bradley,’ we’re flipping the script. You won’t find the quick, three-minute spots that are the norm elsewhere. Here, it’s about the full feature, diving deep into the stories of leaders who usually wouldn’t get an invite to the table. So, what did we do? We built the table ourselves. This isn’t about surface-level engagement; it’s about giving real depth to those leaders and their journeys, showcasing what truly makes them stand out.”

– Global Reach, Local Impact: Your story, though aired locally, resonates globally. Embrace the “Boiled Water is Boiled Water” concept, leveraging the universal prestige of FOX, NBC, and CW.

– Custom-Made Television Appearances

-Full-Feature Interviews: Choose from a 12-minute half show or a full feature show to spotlight your leadership and expertise.

-Flexible Recording: Join us in our Naples, Florida studio or connect remotely. We accommodate your schedule and preferences.

– Professional Production: Enjoy a pre-recorded and edited session, ensuring a polished and impactful television presence.

Your Opportunity Awaits

Don’t wait for the phone to ring. In just 48 hours, you could be scheduled to share your story on “Business Leaders Spotlight”. 

Join the ranks of successful leaders from all over the world who have leveraged our platform for growth and recognition.

Are you ready to leverage the MASSIVE POWER of television in your business?

Book a call with our booking producers for current pricing and availability today!

P.S. A few days before your taping, you and I will have a pre-production meeting to go over your appearance and questions you want asked that will edify your leadership and powerfully present your business on my show, so you will be fully prepared.

 In addition, the show is pre-recorded and edited before airing, so we will edit out any mistakes you may make in taping. I will not let you leave the studio until you are THRILLED with your interview. 

Authoritative Legal Declaration:

I categorically affirm that neither I, in my capacity as the creator and producer of my television shows, nor any of the shows I have brought to life, have any official endorsement, affiliation, or employment relationship with FOX or FOX4, or any NBC or CW television network station. 
My position is one of unchallenged and exclusive proprietorship of all television shows that I produce. This proprietorship bestows upon me unequivocal authority and the ultimate decision-making power regarding every facet of these productions, including but not limited to the choice of guests and the nature of content presented in my television shows. Additionally, this ownership empowers me to grant comprehensive marketing rights to my guests, enabling them to MASSIVELY leverage their appearances for promotional purposes across various platforms, including websites and social media, which is critical for the agency clients that I feature.
As we step into 2024, I am profoundly honored to celebrate the seventh anniversary of airing my “Business Leaders Spotlight” segments and shows on FOX4. It is imperative to make it clear that FOX4’s role is confined to that of a syndication platform for the dissemination of the content I independently create. My collaboration with FOX4 and other television networks has been nothing short of a professionally enriching and positive journey. They’re really good people to do business with, but the television networks don’t control what I produce. That’s all on me. I have the final say in those matters.

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