From the Desk of TC Bradley:

Thank you for your interest in appearing on my television show!

I am excited for you!

You are literally 48 hours away from possibly being placed in our television production schedule for a FEATURED appearance on my show!(HUGE)

You really are one television appearance away from living a completely different life.

Talk soon!

TC  Bradley

Nationally Syndicated Host

P.s. If you are someone that is seriously considering publishing your book, you may want to look at my 30 minute television show on my book publishing business.

Click Here To View The Book Publishing Show!

LOVE featuring POWERHOUSE leaders like Dan and Jenni, a POWERHOUSE couple who flew in from New York for their taping.

So honored to have these Women of Influence in the studio…they flew in from London, England, UK, Scotland, and Ireland for their tapings….such AMAZING Leaders.

LOVE featuring POWERHOUSE leaders like Miss Cheryl who is back again for her second interview, she flew in from Colorado.

Authoritative Legal Declaration:

I categorically affirm that neither I, in my capacity as the creator and producer of my television shows, nor any of the shows I have brought to life, have any official endorsement, affiliation, or employment relationship with FOX or FOX4, NBC, or CW television networks.

My position is one of unchallenged and exclusive proprietorship of all television shows that I produce. This proprietorship bestows upon me unequivocal authority and the ultimate decision-making power regarding every facet of these productions, including but not limited to the choice of guests and the nature of content presented in my television shows.

Additionally, this ownership empowers me to grant comprehensive marketing rights to my guests, enabling them to MASSIVELY leverage their appearances for promotional purposes across various platforms, including websites and social media, which is critical for the agency clients that I feature.

As we step into 2024, I am profoundly honored to celebrate the seventh anniversary of airing my “Business Leaders Spotlight” segments and shows on FOX4. It is imperative to make it clear that FOX4’s role or NBC, OR CW is confined to that of a syndication platform for the dissemination of the content I independently create.

My collaboration with FOX4 has been nothing short of a professionally enriching and positive journey. They’re really good people to do business with, but they don’t control what I produce. That’s all on me. I have the final say in those matters

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