One Television Appearance Can Change the Fortunes Of A Company Overnight…Just Look At Shark Tank!

Feature Your Business On My Television Show That Airs on FOX4, 

Saturday Mornings at 9 AM

I’m TC Bradley, host and producer of “Business Leaders Spotlight” I’m reaching out to you because I believe your business might benefit from being featured on my business show that airs Saturday mornings at 9 AM on FOX4.

Realtors have long used the power of television to showcase their listings, nothing else comes close to the sheer POWER of being featured on TV. There hasn’t been another choice for other business owners to leverage the power of television to showcase their business on television, until now.

I solve that problem by offering full feature shows or ½ shows where your leadership and business can be spotlighted on my business show in a much more powerful way. I then air my 30-minute show at the most coveted time on Saturday mornings at 9 AM. (check your local listings and see for yourself)

My concept of doing full feature shows or ½ shows is very effective. One local roofing company generated 27 calls and closed 22 sales from a show we produced and aired. 

So clearly my TV show has the ability to put you on the map here in SW Florida, literally overnight. The investment for a ½ show is $3,500, and the investment for a full feature show is $5k, this includes the studio production and the airtime on FOX4, and high-resolution video after your appearance so you are able to MASSIVELY leverage your appearance on your website and all of your social media platforms. (HUGE)

Since most months have only 4 Saturday airings, there is very limited space in the air grid, so it is in your best interest to secure your spot ASAP. Pre-payment is required to add you to our production schedule and our show is taped in our studio in Naples.

Schedule your call today to have a brief conversation about being featured on my television show. 

TC Bradley 

P.s. A few days before your taping, you and I will have a pre-production meeting to go over your appearance and questions you want asked that will edify your leadership and powerfully present your business to SW Florida, so you will be fully prepared. In addition, the show is pre-recorded and edited before airing, so we will edit out any mistakes you may make in taping. I will not let you leave the studio until you are THRILLED with your interview. For the record, I produce my own television programing and air it on the FOX4 network and have done so for 6 years now. I am not a FOX4 employee.    

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